Grorcery Finds #3

Here are a couple of things that I have seen before, but just now getting around to check out the prices:

(This is from Shumaila Hari)

Heinz Soup (canned). At Shumaila Hari they have a lot of varieties.  I saw maybe one or two flavors at City Mart.  This soup is 400 riyals (~2dollars) for a 71 gram can.

Rice Sides from Knorr. Its not very efficient for my large family but I used to buy things like this in the states and so was happy to see them here. It is 600 riyals/bag and they have a wide variety of flavors like chicken broccoli, chicken fried rice, mexican rise, cheddar broccoli, red beans and rice, mushroom, beef, and several more.

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