Pictures of Housing, Sana’a

Below is an example of a furnished house, (comes with carpet and curtains, no stove/refrigerator), 5 bedrooms for around $350.00/month. Although not the most expensive (there are some apartments renting up to $1200; in Markaz Libby, the rent is around $800.00/month) you can find new unfurnished places in multifamily units for around $150 – $200, they are much simpler in design than this, but still really comfortable.
This is a 2 family villa (one family on top, the other on the bottom) with a small yard and carport area.

Yard and Carport areas

Living Room

Entry Way (1 of 2 in this particular house)


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  1. As salamualaikum sis.

    I just want to say thank you so much for posting the pics. I can imagine you are very busy and for you to go through the trouble of accommodating people like me (i.e. those in the USA) is really nice of you masha Allah. I ask Allah that he grant you the best in this life and the hereafter and grant you his Jannah, AMEEN! Insha Allah I shall keep in touch with you. By the way, how are the children? I love kids masha Allah and I want to make sure I ask these things, you are my sis in Islam and they are my nieces and nephews (he he :)) After all its the least I can do. As salamualaikum wa rahmatullah

  2. Mashallah this is very nice.
    I need something like this. I especially would like to have a yard for the kids to play outside. They have never had to live in an apartment before. But I always did until I got married so.

    Do you know of places to look online for Villas instead of apartments.
    I have not had much luck. Perhaps the newspaper.

    • Naam, we love it masha Allah. I was able to let the kids go out and play in an enclosed yard. Now we live in an apartment and don’t have that convenience, qadr Allah.

      I haven’t seen ads for housing in the three English papers that I get. But I will post any that I do come across, insha Allah.

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